By Salim Yunusa

A few days after the embattled former chairman of the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission, PCACC, submitted the laboratory results to serve as an alibi for his failure to appear before the committee as scheduled, the National Hospital wrote to the Kano State House of Assembly, saying the medical records he presented to the House were fake.

SAHELIAN TIMES had reported about how the laboratory results raised question marks, which drew public interest.

This led to the the Kano State House of Assembly wrote to the National Hospital on the matter. 

The Kano State House of Assembly had invited Mr Rimingado to appear before its ad-hoc committee investigating a petition against him on Wednesday July 14, 2021

In its reply dated July 19, 2021 with reference number NHA/CMAC/GC/0117/2021/V.I/01 and signed by the director, Clinical Services, Dr. A.A. Umar, the National Hospital said it investigated the documents and discovered that they were forged.

The letter read:

“Kindly refer to your letter with ref. No. KNHA/CON/077 dated 16th July, 2021 on the above subject matter, in which you requested the hospital to verify the authenticity or otherwise of the attached Medical report/documents.

Following your request on the above, and the subsequent investigations, we wish to state the

following findings:

1. There is no patient named Muhuyl Magaji in our hospital record and no folder was opened in that name

2. That by our records, the name and signature of doctor (Dr. Bayo) on the Medical Report

do not belong to any staff of National Hospital Abuja.

3. Laboratory investigations in the National Hospital are no longer manually written on paper but electronically transmitted.

In the light of the above Sir, the Medical Report/documents, which you attached its photocopies are NOT authentic.

On behalf of the Chief Medical Director, please accept our warm regards.”

Although that the issue of forging the medical report may constitute another battle for Muhuyi, the House may soon submit its report to the government after which criminal charges would be filed against the former anti-corruption boss.


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