12 kidnapped police officers spend 10 days in captivity


Families of the twelve police officers abducted by gunmen have expressed concern at the uncertainty surrounding their fate.

The abductees were on their way to Zamfara from Borno state, on official assignment, when the misfortune befell them.

It will be recalled that ten days ago the twelve police officers were abducted by bandits. All the twelve officers are assistant superintendents of police in ranks.

They were abducted at a spot near a village on the border between Zamfara and Katsina states.

Wife of one of the abductees revealed to BBC Hausa that the officers were on a special assignment in Zamfara state when the bandits waylaid them.

According to her, she came to know about her husband’s situation when she went to the Borno state police command after three days without hearing from him.

She said it was the command that told her that two of the abductees escaped, who later called the command to report what had happened to them. She later had a brief phone conversation with her husband who called her on her phone to inform her about the kidnappers’ demands.

“It was on Wednesday that he called me, to inform that they were abducted by bandits, and instructed me to put our residence on sale for even one million, to avert a possible tragedy,” she narrated.

She further said, “We’ve been in a desperate situation of trying to raise eight hundred thousand naira for each of the abducted police officers, and praying ardently to Allah to deliver them from the frightening captivity.”

She also disclosed that, a wife of one the abductees, and a mother of five, had died.”

The children are now at the Borno state police command, praying for the safe return of their father.

BBC, however, reported that both police public relations officers of Katsina and Zamfara states had not confirmed the story of the police officers abduction, but their families have continued to beseech both the authorities and the public to intervene in everyway possible to regain the freedom of their householders.

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