By Abba Gwale

Gombe State Government has imposed a 24 hours curfew in Billiri local government area as a result of tensions rising over selecting a new Emir in the Local Government.

The incident happened after residents of the local government heard that the state government is considering another candidate that is not part of the candidates nominated by kingmakers.

Recall that the Emir of Billiri died last month and the state government is expected to announce new emir to replace Mai Tangale.

Report says the emirate king makers nominated three people out of 23 candidates and submitted to the state Governor to choose among the three but a rumour circulated in the village, saying the Governor is expected to announce somebody that’s not in the list submitted by the King makers and that is what triggered tension and caused unrest.

But Secretary of the Gombe State Government, Professor Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi, said the state government is still considering the candidates and will decide who should be the next Mai Tangale.

“No decision on new Emir yet, the Governor is still considering the candidates and we will choose the best among them, we want to please the people of Billiri” said the secretary of the Gombe state government.


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