83 die in tribal clash in Dafur


By Abba Gwale

Reports from Sudan say that at least 83 people have lost their lives in a tribal clash in Dafur.

It was the latest bout that hit the region and the clashes initially pitted between the Massalit tribe against Arab nomads in al-Geneina.

The clashes happened just two weeks ago after United Nation and African Union ended their 13 years peacekeeping mission in the capital, Dafur.

The clashes occurred when armed militias allied to Arab nomads attacked el-Geneina and set several houses on fire.

In his effort to restore peace in the region, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has sent a “high-ranking” delegation to West Darfur to try to calm the situation.

This is not a new experience in Dafur, the region has been witnessing an upsurge in tribal clashes, in late December 15 people had been killed and dozens were injured days before the end of the 13-year joint UN-African Union peace mission.

Sudan, which has ethnically diverse background was rocked by nationwide pro-democracy protests from December 2018 against former President Al- Bashir, leading to his ouster by the army in April last year. Since then, Darfur has enjoyed stability.

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