By Ismail Auwal

Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky, has said that he and his wife still have bullets lodged in their bodies, six years after they received gunshots from Nigerian security operatives in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Speaking for the first time since his detention, in nearly an hour-long interview on Press TV monitored by SAHELIAN TIMES, the fiery Islamic scholar said that he has been suffering untold pains and discomfort because of the bullets or pellets, adding that the pieces of metal have been discharging poisonous lead into their systems as “Nigerian Doctors said that they cannot remove the bullets from our body.”

According to Zakzaky, “They counted about 38 fragments of bullets in my body, and also my wife has those from gunshots on her stomach and thigh.

“They took us to their own hospital and where doctors crudely removed almost all the bullets from wife without administering anesthesias. It was later when we were moved from there to another hospital (that) more bullets were removed.”

He noted that his wife still has one bullet in lodged in her pelvic, which the security authorities said “they could not remove.”

“The bullets in my body scattered, so there were fragments all over my body. There are fragments in hand, in the thigh, and on my head till now,” he lamented.

He further disclosed that the pelllets “secrete poison-like lead (so) I am still living with some amount of the poison and bullets fragments.”

The leader of the IMN said that the level of lead poison in his body was 344, which a human should not have more than 10 in his body.

Zakzaky, in the long interview, said that the authorities have flagged their passport, which means “we have no right to leave the country.”

On the number of causalities suffered by his organization, Zakzaky said that they have so far counted over 1,000 people that were killed during the “Kaduna Massacre” in 2015.

He however said that the authorities only admitted “burying 347 bodies in one of the graveyards and, of course, they were more than one graveyard.”


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