By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

Very few politicians especially those with heavy clout, financial might and influence are immune from been attention seekers, braggers, gallery players, talkative and fond of making unrealistic and unfulfilled promises in their desperation and blindfolded ambition to mount the position of leadership and authority. But A A. Zaura is naturally blessed with extraordinarily foresight and uncontested political sagacity that is beret of those myopic and deceptive tendencies.

The man is playing the game with smooth, effective and result oriented technicality which is purely different from other noisemakers who may be seeking for power with blindfolded desire aimed at actualizing their dream for self-aggrandizement and accumulation of ill-gotten wealth and power.

It is quite amusing, laughable and funny when I recently comes across a write-up in an online media where someone is making analysis and critical scrutiny of those politicians aspiring for the throne of the state Governor comes 2023. What’s baffles me and made me amused in the widely circulated write-up is the writer noninclusion of the name of one seriousminded and genuine contender of the seat in the person of A.A. Zaura. The noninclusion is tantamount to preparing a soap with out all the necessary ingredients. But the writer should be forgiven due to His Excellency Zaura style which I mentioned above. His smooth, quite and extremely effective operation to reach the promised land might be the reason behind the writer misinformed omission..

But the man A.A. Zaura is not just a contender of the exalted seat, but a seriousminded one who is always gaining ground going by the increasing freighting and well deserved acceptance by the majority of the state voting populace and the party which is daily gaining ground and gradually becoming people’s favourite due to his gentlemanic approach and result oriented style in his quest to occupy the seat comes 2023. His style is just unique and commendable which left many perplexed with wonder and curiosity to find out more about this young, energetic, humble, generous, simpleminded, humanitarian, intellectually and politically endowed politician who happens to be different from the rest of the bunch.

At times when some power mongering politicians are busy making noises and sending people day and night to serve as propaganda machine to redio stations making sense, and senseless utterances, pure lies and half truth, belittling and castigating other contenders, A.A. Zaura is daily been mention on radio political programs by thousands of people making testimonies of how he is imfacting their lives through endless donations, charitable gestures and life-changing alleviating of their suffering through his effective and trusted representatives like his reliable Spokeman Hon. Mai Huddadu and Director Campaign Hon. Yahaya Garun Ali. As supporters of other contenders are shamelessly trading insults and names calling, castigating each other principals which amount to dirty and outdated nasty politics, A.A. Zaura is delightfully been receiving daily testimonies from commoners and downtrodden which is no doubt making him a household name with prayers and accolades been showered on him from millions household. A clear sign that his decent and unblemish political style is yielding results where it matter most..

It’s indeed quite ironic and disheartening seeing some politicians who foolishly think they can buy people conscience and support by overnight distributions of vehicles and cars with reckless abandon. Their medus operandi centred on fooling the electorate with these unmerited gifts to make them sold their souls, freedom, rights, privileges and collective destiny. For in the end, what ever been spent on them would be recoup with massive interests which would consume their entire collective when the seat of power become handy on the long run. God forbids!

It is always delightful and sweet Melody to listen when ever his representatives are having an chat on political programs aired on our radio stations. Decency and caution follows their every utterances. They have no time or energy to waste in belittling, castigating or uttering dirty and abusive insults on any aspiring politician. Rather, they always engrossed in narrating and given insights to the humanitarian activities of youthful and promising politicians. Endless humanitarian gestures in areas that affect the entire populace, ranging from providing free medical care to those in need irrespective of political affiliation, provision of medical equipments and drugs to various health sectors across the state, provision of educational materials and equipments, free scholarship to children of the downtrodden, building boreholes, building schools and renovations of many, payment of rents and buying houses for downtrodden, building and renovations of islamiyya schools, endless empowerments to provide means of live hood, complementing government efforts in all sector, provision of foods, materials and means of transportation to various motherless children’s homes, payments of fines to prisoners to enable gain freedom, provision of foodstuff and capital to the people in need and many other things too numerous to mention..

The man is simply a doer not a talker. As the saying goes ” Doers never talk, and talkers never do”, Imagine all these uncountable numbers of humanitarian activities that is costing huge and unquantifiable amount of financial resources from the man who never held public office, doing it from his hard-earned fortunate not from the stolen ill-gotten wealth which others are using to recycling the same wealth stole from their entrusted collective wealth..

If we are to use our common sense and analyze the scenario, an individual who has never experience holding any public office can be so magnanimous in committing himself to such uncommon humanitarian activities which has been going on for years through his globally acknowledged and recognized foundation known as A.A. Zaura Foundation, when he finally emerged as the state governor, what would become of the state would surely be an indescribable. I can unquivocably with out any iota of doubt say that he would use the resources of the state for the betterment of the people. It would bring an era of new developmental progress and continuation of the unprecedented achievements recorded by the present administration. Human and infrastructural developments would be given utmost priority which in the end would be a legacy that would be cherish and acknowledged by all. A self-made individual who would surely be an alien to our modern days politicians whom majority seek power for self-aggrandizement and personal enrichment at the detriment of the voting populace..

A silent, quite and unassuming politician, his simple disposition and burning desire to make difference and create a lasting legacy is unrivaled. Many are wondering why he has not been busy on the media with interviews and making the usual mantra of expressing his views and promises as it is the norm among our politician. But the simple and logical answer to that is quite visible and open. It is indeed not yet a time for such. Despites his silent disposition, he is a superb orator and eloquent who can hold his own anywhere in the world. But the race is still a long way to go and when time is ripe, many would be shock to their narrow bone when the extraordinary intellectual and political master of the game start pouring out his mind to the state populace for the vision and mission he has for our ancient city..

But for now, the highly respected, humble, simpleminded, generous, self-made business guru, excessively educated and exceptionally gifted politician is letting his actions doing all the needful. But let’s the entire world knows that the youthful politician is not just serious and committed to his aspiration, but also the most capable and fully prepared who is all out to make history. And by the time, his aspiration, desire, yearning and uncommon zeal to make different become a reality, it would then be a time that we all would rejoice, celebrate and give praises to God for giving us such a rare jam that would made the state a heaven on earth.
He is an ideal choice and the best choice…

Shariff Aminu Ahlan (Ganduje Intellectual warrior)


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