By Abba Gwale

Zamfara state Commissioner for Information, Sulaiman Anka, has revealed that some unpatriotic people in the state sabotaged their effort during their negotiation with the bandits and the whole abduction was a set up to sabotage Governor Matawalle’s effort in bringing peace to the state.

In his interview with SAHELIAN TIMES, Sulaiman Anka also said some repentant gunmen in the state played a vital role in securing the release of students of Government Secondary School, Jangebe, who regained their freedom from their abductors.

“If you look at the whole situation you will realize that its a set-up, definitely there are people who are sabotaging our effort in bringing the peace in Zamfara state.

They (kidnappers) came to the village in the night and went directly to the school and abducted the children, this must be set up by unpatriotic people in Zamfara who don’t want peace in the state”

Reports revealed that some repentant bandits played a better role in securing the release of the student due to their relationship with the bandits, and the Commissioner comfirmed they really played a vital role in the process

“I can assure you that many repentant gunmen played a role, they are at the front line during the negotiation with the abductors and the state government gave them necessary assistance they required”

Sulaiman Anka also revealed that the gunmen requested that vigilante group must stop killing them especially when they go out to buy food stuffs in the market because their people have lost their lives in town in the hands of kidnappers.

“they asked the state government to aske vigilantes to stop killing them when they decided to go the market to buy food and government agreed to intervene while hoping that they will also repent and embrace peace for the betterment of the people of zamfara state.

When answering the question whether the government is aware of the gunmen since they can go to the market and do their business and go back to the forest without security arresting them, the Commissioner said “you cannot differentiate between criminals and good people among them because most of them are Fulani and they look-alike that is why vigilante members opted to killed them when they realize that they came from the forests”

On the truce initiated by Governor Matawalle some months back Sulaiman Anka said “The truth is that not most of the gunmen embrace peace since the first peace accord but many of them are asking the state government to forgive them and they are ready to drop their arms and its gradual process we hope Zamfara state will regain its peace again,” he concluded.

The Commissioner comfirmed that the students will stay in the government house for some days as they are going to undergo different tests before they will be reunited with their families and that government will also consider how they will go back to school in the near future.


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