Adamu Garba’s Crowwe removed from play store


By Salim Yunusa

Andriod maker, Google has deleted Adamu Garba’s social media app, Crowwe from its play store.

The removal comes weeks after the founder touted the app as an alternative to the banned microblogging platform Twitter in Nigeria

There has been no official announcement on the reason for the removal but Google Play policy revealed that the company removes applications that it perceives to have violated its policy

“Once your app is removed, the published version of your app won’t be available on Google Play until a compliant update is submitted,” Playstore policy states.

It added that it will not republish the app until the policy violation has been fixed.

The founder of the app, Mr Garba, however claims that it did not violate any policy in a conversation with The Peoples Gazette. He claims that the company was simply being updated.

His answers, however, seems far fetched as Google itself doesn’t require an app to be deleted completely from the store before an update is uploaded.

“Once your update is available, users can download the update on your app’s store listing page or from their My apps page on the Play Store app,” Googles policy stated.

However, his attempt to seize the opportunity backfired as Nigerians took to criticising the app on several grounds, one of which could have resulted in its removal from the store.

Another reason was the heap of bad reviews the app received on the Play store app itself, mostly coming from people who are angry with theTwitter ban.

A reviewer commented that if there was a rating below the one star rating, he would have awarded that to the app, Another reviewer, said “This App represents everything that defines wrong. From the space it takes on the phone, to the design interface and user experience, it makes me wonder if thoughts went into the development of this App.”

That’s not all, several other reviewers complained about pornographic ads on the platform and one particular reviewer called it an app for terrorist recruitment.

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