Allow kidnappers kill victims, cleric urges families


-By Ismail Auwal

The Deputy Imam of Triumph Juma’at Mosque in Kano State, Dr. Abdulmudallib Ahmed, has said that the only way to stop kidnapping for ransom in the North is by calling the bluff of the kidnappers by letting them kill their victims.

The cleric who made the suggestion on his Facebook, noted that solutions to difficult problems are often difficult measures and therefore families must resort to desperate measures in order to curb the growing menace.

He, therefore, urged families and relatives of kidnapping victims to stop paying ransom in order to discourage the growing crime in the region.

” In my opinion, when they demand for ransoms, don’t give them. Just tell them to kill the victim. It’s difficult for one to say, go ahead and kill my dad, my husband, my wife my younger siblings etc., but by calling their bluff we can stop the menace once and for all,” he posted in Hausa language.

He further explained that if families of kidnapping victims would stop paying for their freedom, the kidnappers “will eventually get tired of killing them and find another business”.

When Sahelian Times called him on phone the Imam re-affirmed the position, describing it as the only way the menace of Kidnapping could be stopped.

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