Anger trails Kaduna state government’s introduction of ‘development levy on adults’.


By Ismail Auwal

Nigerians on social media have reacted with anger to the recent Kaduna state government’s introduction of compulsory development levy on every adult resident in the state.

Reactions to the story, suggest clearly that, the development has not gone down well with the citizens, as many of them picked holes in the unpopular policy.

It will be recalled that, the executive chairman of Kaduna state internal revenue services, Dr Zaid Abubakar, recently announced the state government’s plan to collect development levy from the adults.

Dr. Zaid Abubakar made the disclosure at a press conference, on Wednesday.

Sahelian times has sampled reactions of Nigerians on the controversial development, as shared on social media platforms.

Responding to the news @casestudy10 tweeted: “After paying tax you still pay development levy? They were told this administration was stupid but they were arguing.”

Another Twitter handler, @DontCallMeEronz, replies: “imposing levy for what exactly? Is there no way that they can think of generating funds except taxing already heavily taxed people?”


Zain Ameen who uses @zinadabo1, tweets: “So I heard@elrufaiis taxing every adult kadalite 1k as development levy. Kidnappers collect ransom, governor collects ransom. Kuku kills everybody na.”


“I don’t understand, why compulsory? Where is this coming from? I am yet to see a state that compulsorily taxes its citizen in Nigeria. Even Lagos that has the worst hit of the endsars aftermath, can’t reason this way in a minute.” ishaya emmanuel replied.

Chongai samurai opined that, “This has to be the biggest joke of the year. Roads are bad in my area, no pipe borne water and you still expect me to pay a development levy? That’s not how it works. I ain’t paying shit.”

Many of the commentators challenged the governor’s imposition of the levy, calling it anti-masses.

Both governor el-Rufa’i and Kaduna state revenue service, are yet to make comments on the public reactions

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