Another doctor death? “I let dozens of patients to die under my care in northern Nigeria” 


By Ismail Auwal

A man who claimed to be a medical doctor, Christopher Uche-Ayodeji, revealed how he allowed patients in his care to die because they were Muslims from northern Nigeria. 

The man who according to his Facebook profile also known as Dr. Chris, said hevserved as a corp member in Bauchi State, North Eastern Nigeria, for three months before departing for the United Kingdom. 

” I think my three months’ service in the North  before I left for the UK was just so fun because I literally allowed the Northern Muslims to die under my care as a doctor.

” I wasn’t even bothered because I know they don’t value human life and treating them to become well wasn’t that necessary,” he said 

Chris, who, according to his Facebook profile, is a native of Asaba, Delta State, and a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, added that he is grateful to God for giving him the time to allow his patients to die. 

” I wish had more time to kill more. I would have enjoyed every bit of it,” he unremorsefully said.

He explained that he was  “on a revenge mission” for a death of his “street neighbor served in Bauchi and was a victim of 2015 who was killed during the Buhari-Jonathan election.” 

“Her mother cried but I told her don’t worry that I would avenge her daughters death and I did it in full.” 

Checks by SAHELIAN TIMES showed that Chris deleted his Facebook account shortly after making the revelation. 

The University Hospitals Birmingham when contacted denied having Chris on their employees list. 

“We are aware of false information circulating on social media from an individual who alleges to be linked with University Hospitals Birmingham. We can confirm that this individual is not known to us,” the university said.

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