By Ismail Auwal

Senator Shehu Sani has described the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC) as a collective danger for the people of Kaduna State.

The former senator in an exclusive interview with SAHELIAN TIMES described the APC as a party that is structured in such a way that the governor is both the leader and chairman of the party.

“The governor is the chairman of the party, the governor determines who becomes and who doesn’t become anybody in the party.”

He noted that it is the governor who dictates who becomes an exco of the party from the ward, local government, and the state level, “the governor determines what the party should do or not.”

“I cannot belong to a political party that is owned by somebody.” Sani said.

The former senator while talking about why he decamped to the PDP said that he understands that the party has a very dark history from 1999 to 2015, but he was “not part of their past.”  

“I have presented myself and I joined to become part of the future.”

Sani also said that “in major democracies around the world, you can see that dominance of two party system. United States is between the republicans and the democrats, in the UK is the Labour and Conservative Party.”

He insisted that a politician have to belong to a major opposition “if you want to provide a serious opposition.”

“ So my own resolution and the resolution of my own people is that I should belong to this party, do that we can to take over power from the APC,  which I am confident we will  do in 2023.” he asserted.


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