Are Nigerian youths at the crossroads?


By Umar Farouk Jahun

The youths in Nigeria by all indications are at a crossroads over the precarious situation the country has been dragged into. As the world economy continued to be shaped by youths across the world, their Nigerian counterpart are trapped in a dilemma of choice between good and bad, virtues, and vices.

Indeed this dilemma may not be unconnected with the surge in crimes and criminality and the way issues around unemployment, corruption, insecurity, nepotism, tribalism have all been treated and attended to by Government across the three tiers.

The fragile nature of our youths has been sustained over the years and is expected to remain that way. This is because the politicians know how to exploit the youths, especially during the elections or for their interest where the demands of Nigerians are high and unfortunately selfish.

As a matter of fact, most Nigerian youths are not just bewildered they are also confused and in quandary as to whether the virtues of patience, perseverance, and endurance really pay as against those of deviants, rebels, and militants and insurgents that are already an established order in the country. Like the TV documentary, the youths are the protectors of Nigeria’s posterity. So, if we are wise, we will decease from becoming the destroyer of our future.

The young minds, known for optimism and creativity have been conditioned by the deficiencies of their needs into frivolity, more than 65% of our youths are nonchalant about the redemption of this country.

According to their popular opinion, this country is beyond redemption, politicians through their underground agencies have sold certain ideologies to our youths. The bitter pill they serve is meant to protect their interest and make their enemies become the enemy of Nigeria.

They have not failed at presenting the same temptation to the bulgy eyes of our teaming youthful population. The will to resist has also declined over the years because of the rise in demands accompanied by a decline in supply to meet these needs. Such that avenue that presents themselves to earn one a dime seem to become an opportunity demanding our thoughtlessness

But as the saying, behind every tunnel, is a light. Nigerian youths must at this time know that, the reward of good is always good and that the virtues of patience and endurance and perseverance always pay.

Perhaps, youths can always grow beyond their weakness even though it is not meant to be easy. What is their worst fear? The fear of survival I guess! The reason they cannot afford to fail is because they are too precious to be wasted. Their destiny lies more in their decision to be free than be bound to the chain of fear.

Believe it or not, this country cannot be repaired by a magician. We shall need people who are willing to accept the reality of our weakness and be patient enough to transform them into strength.

I know some of the youths have resolved to do the right thing, as their own quota towards sustaining democracy. There is a need for a large percentage of the youth population to stick to their inner voice. Yes, youth can get all we want but without dedication, we have lost it all.

But, the transformation we seek in Nigeria will never come by arms but might just surface with an enduring will to dialogue our minds. We shall keep talking, for even the world in its beauty, came into form by word of mouth. There is more power in rejecting small prizes born by sentiment as compared to the bigger benefit of enduring some challenges till it fades off for our better good.

Nigerian youths are creative people, intelligent, love peace, and above all can always make a difference.

God Bless Nigerian Youths!

Umar Farouk writes from Jigawa, can reaches via: 07032843368 or

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