By Abba Gwale

A gang of armed men broke into the house of Hussaini, a lecturer with the Nursing department, faculty of Allied Health Science Bayero University, Kano (BUK).

A source close to the victim told Sahelian Times that the armed men stormed the victim’s residence at Shagari Quarters, Tarauni Local Government, around 3.00 am and stabbed him several times on the chest and neck.

The victim also suffered some lacerations on his scalp and face.

The six armed men beat up the lecturer’s wife, causing facial injuries on her.

Sahelian Times gathered that the armed men told Mr. Hussaini that since he’s a lecturer he must give them their “cut” from recent salary arrears payment university lecturers received from the Federal Government.

However, when Hussaini’s replied, indicating that he didn’t have much money to share with them, the armed men became angered and descended on him and his wife with fury.

They later carted away with his mobile phone, his car key and some cash.

“They could however not steal the car after they encountered difficulty getting access to it. They wanted to make sure he died before they left but he was lucky to be alive, “ said the source.


  1. These is what the Government wants to happen, a very heartless and wicked government of Buhari that goes about telling the whole world that they have paid lecturers all their outstanding salaries while in actual sence, only two months were paid to them without the earned allowances.
    Its very unfortunate. May Allah grant them quick recovery and may he punish the criminals whereever they may be. May they never know peace Amin.

  2. Innalillahi wainna ilaihirajiun, may Allah grant him speedy recovery and prevent the future occurrence, Amin.

  3. Blame this on Ngige for announcing to the public payment of two months arrears of salary to lecturers.

  4. May Allah grant him speedy recovery and protect the entire publuc against any attack from criminals and culprits.

  5. This is cheating on the Army if truly those Army men beat they lacture without any offence Army , they can never leaves them the will face havy punishment and even this lacture commit big offence for them,, the supposed to catch they lacture carry him in to the barrack and face our big man they will punish the lacture and they no supposed to touch his wife this is big offence in the Army.

  6. As a former lecturer, what did Jonathan do to improve the condition of lecturers and Nigerian Universities? The problem of Nigeria is not Buhari alone, we are all problems to ourselves.


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