At last WhatsApp resumes after hours of disruption and frustration for users



By Ismail Auwal

WhatsApp is back online after a brief outage caused by a “technical glitch”.

Millions of users who were dissatisfied with the experience said they switched to Telegram for virtual conversations and video messaging instead of WhatsApp.

The outaged which lasted for over an hour affected all users across the globe.

SAHELIAN TIMES had earlier reported how the platform was temporarily down on Tuesday morning with users expressing their frustrations with the development.

Some users who spoke with our reporter explained that they thought they had run out of data for their internet connection or that their phones were malfunctioning until they realized the social media platform was experiencing a glitch.

“I had to restart my phone three times because I thought I was out of data or my phone was having problems,” Aisha Ibrahim explained.

“It was only when I later saw other people complaining on Facebook that I realized it was not just me,” Mahmoud Ibrahim explained.

Although the glitch has been fixed, Meta, the parent company that owns WhatsApp, is yet to issue a statement on why the glitch happened.

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