Boris Johnson’s sexual scandal gets messier



By Ode Idoko in London

As campaigns to replace him gets underway, former UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been hit by another sexual scandal.

Johnson resigned last due to massive resignations of UK top government officials attributed to issues of trust and social misconduct of the former prime minister.

According to Metro News, Johnson tried to get a volunteer (name withheld) a job in London’s City Hall while he was a mayor.

Johnson was said to be having a love affair with the lady then.

The former PM was accused of lobbying for the lady in a 20s, a graduate to be given a post in the City Hall but his efforts were thwarted by Kit Malthouse who expressed worries that the duo were in an unholy relationship.

The lady in question was said to have a recorded confrontation with Johnson in his office in 2017. This Johnson denied of abusing the power of his office. As at yesterday, 10, Downing Street declined comments to query on the accusations.

The incident was said to had happened when Johnson was married to his second wife, Marina Wheeler in 2008. After the lady was denied the job, their relationship broke down.

In November, the lady was said to be shaken and upset and threatened to report Johnson to then prime minister, Theresa May.

Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher, who is responsible for discipline in the Conservative Party, admitted he “drank way too much” and apologized for “embarrassing myself and others” in his resignation letter.

He’s now had the whip removed by the Conservative Party, which means he will no longer sit with them in Parliament.

This incident—the Conservatives’ fifth major sex scandal in three months—is bad news for Johnson who has just returned from an eight-day diplomacy marathon across two continents.

During his international tour, Johnson repeatedly tried to brush aside domestic political troubles and called for a focus on policy, not people.

Complaints were raised with the Conservative Party after Pincher, 52, allegedly touched two men, including another MP, at a private club in central London on Wednesday evening.

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