Borno Govt pats Alkali on back


By Ismail Auwal

The Borno State Government has commended the Executive Chairman of BO-IRS (Borno State Internal Revenue). , Mohammed Alkali for his dedication to the good governance in the state.

The government gave the commendation in a letter signed by the state Commissioner for Finance, Adamu Haji Lawan.

According to the letter, the state government noted that Alkali’s work ethics have been distinguishably excellent and resulted in notable accomplishments including implementation of the State Single Treasury Account (TSA) called the Unified Revenue Collection System.

Other significant achievements of Alkali according the government is spearheading the implementation of “a robust tax-friendly and practice-oriented based revenue law assented by the state’s Governor’ which saw Borno generate 62% in 2021 against 25% in the year 2020.

The government also cited “The positioning of BO-IRS to be the single and centralised public sector Revenue Collector in Borno State and appointment of right caliber of personnel as parts of Alkali’s accomplishments.

“It is against this backdrop, therefore, that Borno State Government and the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Economic Planning wish to recognise all your exceptional works and write this correspondence in the hope that you will continue to pursue with relentless vigour. This unique path has carved a niche for you both within Borno State and across the nation,” the letter reads.

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