Breaking: Buhari may address nation today, as EndSARS protests turn violent


There are strong indications that President Buhari will soon address the nation again in a bid to curb the widespread protests on police brutality, currently being spearheaded by the #EndSARS movement nationwide.

Reliable sources told Sahelian Times that the President will make another national broadcast, either today or tomorrow, to pacify the youths trooping out the streets.

It is, however, unclear what new line of actions the President’s address will reveal, but there are expectations that he will condemn the pockets of violence and restate his administration’s resolve towards law and order.

The President is also likely to double down on previous concessions granted to the protestors and the constitution of a high-level government committee comprising credible Nigerians from the civil society organisations to work with the #EndSARS leadership to address their demands.

An outpouring of support for Nigerian protesters has played out on social media especially, Twitter, with various hashtags, but predominantly #EndSARS.

The physical protests, however, led to loss of lives as Edo State has announced 24-hour curfew after reported jailbreak in the state, when thugs broke into a prison and freed many inmates.

There are also reports that the protests in other states, like Lagos, which has been epicentre, are fast taking the violent dimension.

The Federal Government had announced the disbandment of SARS, the notorious police unit, among other concessions to the youths.

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