BREAKING: Court finds Abduljabbar Kabara guilty of blasphemy


By Aminu Kutama

Ustaz Ibrahim Sarki Yola of the Sharia High Court in Kofar Kudu, Kano has found a Kano-based Islamic Scholar, Malam Abduljabbar Kabara of making blasphemous remarks about Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

At the court ruling currently holding, the Judge said that it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that the scholar made up his blasphemous claims, all witnesses and evidence brought before the court showed that the words were not in the the books he claimed to have read them from.

Also, the judge added that the prosecutors have been able to convince the court that Abduljabbar did indeed say slanderous words to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Sahelian Times reports that while a judgment on Abduljabbar is being awaited, the verdict is still being read by the court.

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