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BREAKING: Kano boils as 17- year old boy dies in police custody


By Ismail Auwal

Protest is currently rocking the ancient city of Kano, following the death of 17- year old Saufullahi, who died in police custody this morning.

Saifullahi of Kofar Mata Quarters was arrested 2 days ago by the police, while he was sleeping at the premises of his family house, despite protests by people of the community that he was never known for any criminal tendencies.

Sahelian Times reliably gathered that Saifullahi had been released on bail only for the police to yesterday re-arrest and detain him again, where he was allegedly tortured to death.

The police brought his corpse to the family house this morning, a development which angered the people to take to the street and start making bonfires in protests.

It took the intervention of the elders in the community to ensure that the protest did not degenerate into uncontrollable violence.

“We have already taken his body and lodged at the Shahuci Area Command and a delegation is on the way to the Police Command,” a resident told Sahelian Times.

Another resident, who expressed a shock at Saifullahi’s tragic death, described him as “a very nice young man”, who had no known record of any criminality.

“The people are angry. We have hoodlums here. No one would have reacted this way if it happened to any one of them. But Saifullahi was not one of them, “ he stressed.

The Federal Government is currently facing widespread protests over police brutality under different hashtags, like: EndSARS, EndSWAT EndPoliceBrutality and others, attracting the attention of the international community.

Although the campaign has not been observed in the streets of the commercial nerve centre of the northern part of the country, the sudden death of Saifullahi at the hands of the Kano police is going to bring to the fore the widespread concern



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