By Ismail Auwal

The Coalition of Ulama and Islamic Organisations in Kano State has rejected the impeachment of Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil as the Chairman of the Kano Sate Council of Ulama. 

Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil was impeached on Monday by factional clerics loyal to Kano State Government in what appeared like a coup.

The faction that removed him cited his alleged involvement in partisan politics, which denies the clerics access to government privileges, as the major reason for his impeachment.

Therefore, they replaced him with the current Chairman of Kano Pilgrims Welfare Board, who doubles as the local Chairman of Jamaatul Izalatul Bidia.

However, in a swift reaction, The Secretary of the Coalition of Ulama, Dr. Saídu Dukawa, called on Muslims in the state to disregard reports of Sheikh Khalil’s impeachment, arguing that it was not with their consent.

“We have seen reports from anonymous people announcing the removal of Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil as the Chairman of the State Council of Ulama, and appointing his replacement.” This announcement should be disregarded as it was done without our consent,” he said.

“Our major aim is to promote peaceful coexistence, but this unpopular action will work against peace,” he further clarified.

The stand of the Coalition was endorsed by prominent and respectful Islamic religious leaders cutting across different sects, namely: Professor Musa Muhammad Borodo, Khalifa Sheik Karibullah Sheik Nasiru Kabara, Sheik Abdulwahhab Abdallah¸ Sheik Ibrahim Shehu Maihula, Professor Muhammad Babangida Muhammad, Dr, Bashir Aliyu Umar, Imam Nasir Muhammad Adam¸ and Dr. Ibrahim Mu’azzam Maibushira.


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