Crisis rocks Bauchi APC over anti-party activities


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Members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), have called for resignation of the party chairman for his involvement in anti-party activities.

The group, which called itself Bauchi State APC Patriotic Support Group, alleged that Babayo Misau, the party chairman, lacks the capacity to be a party chairman and has “on his own volition, abandoned his responsibility just to satisfy his ‘pay master.”

Speaking at a press briefing, Wednesday, the group’s leader Almustapha Zubairu, said: “this is totally undemocratic and the height of betrayal of trust. We call on him to honourably resign as the chairman of our party in the interest of justice, and for the rebuilding process of our party to succeed.

“We do not wish to dwell on numerous anti-party activities that have been levelled against him, including financial recklessness, which is already in the public domain.

“Worst still, he decided to openly display his ballot paper without voting for the governorship candidate of his party. To say the least, this is the height of betrayal of trust. The truth of the matter is that he has eroded the trust, confidence and loyalty of members of the party; hence, the call for his immediate resignation.”

Responding to the allegations, Babayo Misau said he is not bothered would not resign. He also said the group did not elect him as the party’s chairman so they can’t ask him to resign.

He also averred that he is not the party’s gubernatorial candidates’s servant, he is the chairman of the pary whose responsibilities are well defined.

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