Ismail Auwal

Barely some days after Governor Ganduje has boasted that there are no grievances in Kano APC, a faction has emerged which accused him of selling the party’s register to Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The aggrieved members of the party were seen protesting and carrying placards with the inscription, “Ganduje has sold Kano register to Tinubu.”

Some of the inscriptions displayed during the protest include, “There is a plan by Ganduje to destroy the President’s strongest hold.”

They also accused Ganduje of ordering the state party leadership to sideline loyalists of President Buhari from the party activities.

The members have also alleged that Ganduje is persecuting all loyalists of President Buhari in the state.

The party leadership has in January denied having a faction in Kano during the membership revalidation exercise.

It’s believed that this protest was spearheaded by APC members that originally belonged to the Buhari’s defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC).


  1. Those APC Members of Kano State that are acusing Ganduje of mortgaging the State Party Register to Tinubu what are they aiming at? To tell us that Buhari is not in support of TINUBU’s Presidential ambition in 2023?
    Well, those who are behind the protest and trying to show that Buhari and Tinubu are not in the same page regarding 2023 should tell who deserves to be supported by Buhari more than Tinubu. Twice Tinubu supported Buhari (2015 and 2019).He used his resources and connections to help Buhari win the elections especially in the South West. He has not undermined his Government but rather, always quietly advising him. He had displayed his political maturity and sagacity to handle their relationship whenever the Cabals and those wishing to drive away good people that are working to make the President succeed tried to create conflicts between them.
    Those trying to bring disputes between Buhari and Tinubu regarding 2023 are those trying to destroy the political marriage between the South West and North which had never been so great like now. The APC supporting Tinubu is for better national unity and political stability considering what we are going through.
    Those thinking of only their personal political interests and not the overall national interest should please give us a break.
    If you think you have a better person let us know and give us cogent and objective reasons and not sentimental or parochial views.


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