Deaf Nigerian student graduates with PhD, becomes Assistant Professor in US


By Salim Yunusa


A Nigerian man identified as Nnaemeka Nnamani has succeeded in his academics despite being a deaf student.


Nnamani took his LinkedIn to share an inspiring story about his life. He revealed that before he even got admission for his first degree, he already dreamt of a PhD.



The deaf man said that while in the university, he maintained the habit of sleeping five hours every night and napping for only 20 minutes during the day.



During his postgraduate studies, he entirely scrapped napping and maintained the five hours at night for sleep as he revealed that he always went to bed at 2 am.


Nnaemeka said having a vision was very important and he dealt with it as such. To succeed in school, he decided that if people who were not deaf can read one book ahead of lecturers, he would do 10.


Now a doctorate degree holder and an assistant professor, the man shared a photo of his graduation ceremony when he got a PhD in nuclear engineering.


Nnaemeka revealed that he had to strive more than students who could hear lecturers’ words in classes while he was in the university. Many Nigerians thronged his comment section as they congratulated him for being so determined till he got his PhD.

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