Despite court case, Muazu vows to continue to speak truth to power


By Ismail Auwal

Two days after being granted bail, Muazu Magaji the former Kano State Commissioner of Works and critic of Governor Ganduje has vowed to continue speaking the truth.

Magaji disclosed during a press conference following a visit to Senator Ibrahim, the leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) fractional group.

The sack commissioner met with Ahmad Danzago, Sha’aban Sharadan, and other G7 members.

During the press conference, Magaji said his loyalty is now fully with the Shekarau APC faction because they mean well for Kano.

“God has brought us from our political journey which in any historical perspective is basically strengthening the idea of struggle. We have been to the court and the judge has bailed us out with a condition bit to comment on the specific of the case.”

“We will stay true to that court ruling because we are law-abiding citizens. We are in the home of our leader, Shekarau, the G-7 movement has taken a new dimension which led to possession of the control of the APC in Kano both at the legal and political level.”

“We will continue to advocate for the right thing, to tell the truth, and to stand by the truth. What we wi do going forward is to actively strengthen our team based on our win-win Kano ‘sabuwa’ as we came to get the blessing of our leader.”

He added that “our agenda is based on mobilising the young people of Kano and indeed the whole country to create an opportunity for generational leadership change.”

“Truly, there’s no sacrifice, no price without sacrifice, no sacrifice is too much when you are out to ensure that the right thing is done,” he said.

Magaji’s case will continue on March 2, 2022.

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