Do you have a testicular pain? It could be COVID-19



-By Ismail Auwal

Doctors claimed that testicular pain could be a rare sign of Covid,
The Turkish doctors made the claim after a 49-year-old tested positive with no other symptoms.

The anonymous man, from Turkey, sought medical advice because of swelling and pain in the left side of his groin and testicles in the summer.

He did not have any symptoms of the coronavirus, such as a persistent cough or high temperature.

However, doctors decided to swab him for the disease because he was in contact with someone who had later tested positive.
Results showed he had coronavirus, therefore the doctors suspected the testicular pain was his first symptom.

They said he didn’t have any other health problems that could have caused it, such as an STI.

Doctors who reported the ‘unusual case’ in a medical journal said it shows how the coronavirus can take hold in people differently.
It is not clear how many men suffer testicular pain as a symptom of Covid-19. One small study in China suggested it was as common as one in five.

Daily mail news reported that, Scientists have raised concerns the virus could enter the testicles, where sperm is produced, and cause ‘long-term damage’. But so far there is little evidence of this happening, and none to suggest the virus can be spread through semen — the fluid which carries sperm.+2

The story was reported in the medical journal Urology Case Reports by doctors at Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dr Hakan Özveri and colleagues said the man’s testicular pain appeared to be the ‘first clinical sign of Covid-19

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