By Nura A. Kwasha-kwasha

In what appears to be neither romantic nor cynic view, Dokaji writes the most self-destructive gibberish piece in his failed attempt to portray what he delusionally calls “Muhyi’s gabber,” what a poor start! Lack of integrity, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the truth into a lie in order to promote the interest of his paymasters who do not care nor pity the poor is the whirlwind that carries away much youth just like Dokaji.

I come across Dokaji’s viral write-up published by Sahelian Times which appears to be a disguised attack on the image of Barrister Muhyi Magaji package as a reply to Bashir Jantile polemics aired by Freedom Radio, a Kano based radio station, as he said.

Facts, when expressed should be passed to an authenticity test before being attacked in the world of the right thinking beings, but to people like Dokaji who proclaims rationality,  die has been cast on that mindset. 

 It is a shame for a person at Dokaji’s level, a youth who proclaims rationality but is comfortable trying to showcase that, someone that is a leader is too dirty or corrupt so much that nothing could be said to make him more dirtier than he is.

Here Dokaji is confidently encouraging people to take whatever allegations or facts are being said about Ganduje with a grain of salt. This is nothing other than an indirect defense for the allegation points pinpointed by Jantile from the Barrister’s radio interview.

To begin with Dokaji debunking the former Kano state Anti-corruption boss in his whole six years of service without any achievement or credit, one knows that something invaluable or disrespectful is at hand. The good people of Kano are witnesses to the heroic deeds of Bar. Muhyi. From the inception of the commission to date, the record has it that none of the bosses so far were even close to the groundbreaking achievement of barrister.

We don’t know, however, we can’t tell what exactly the future holds for the coming bosses but, every updated mind, no matter how envy, could tell that Muhyi has championed his course far above any previous chairmen.

Apart from the reformation of the commission in its physical and administrative form, the same RiminGado fought for the oppressed voiceless that were cheated and returned what was theirs which Without Muhyi their story would have been the same till this day.

He investigated a serving commissioner who lost his chair as a result; he investigated permanent secretaries and directors from different ministries as well as local government chairmen, and some councilors. The dauntless Muhyi had the gut to investigate the serving emir and brought him to justice.

Nonetheless, the same Muhyi recovered looted funds from highly profiled dignitaries. I think Dokaji wrote his piece out of envy or with little or no kin interest to understand the core subject Bashir Jantile is trying to communicate to the masses and is desperate to put Muhyi in the same boat with Ganduje.

Therefore, I will look into some of the five points raised by Dokaji worth looking at and leave the rest for the readers to critically deliberate on them. Dokaji stated that “…..anyone familiar with anti-corruption war knows that only those in the bad books of the powers that be are prosecuted”. This point has been repeated several times in Dokaji’s first point. He makes this statement to show that Muhyi too was used the same way he pictured out.

To counter this Dokaji should respond to these questions:Do investigating the governor’s associates like Alibaba, and relatives have to do with the interest of power, or are they in the bad book of power? Is preventing food stuffs and petrol hoarding the interest of powers?? If you really know who is Muhyi and his resilience to what he believes is for the benefit of the masses you would never say that.

Though not sure, you might know this but your ego makes you hide the truth. His saying “That Jantile and Muhyi think there is something left to threaten governor Ganduje with is perplexing” and “If he was the noble crusader he pretends to be why didn’t he at least persecuted those close to the governor for the deals he is now exposing?” This is rather myopic to think that just because someone has power and immunity now will still be in the future.

What pessimism! Honesty is the best policy. Likewise, justice will prevail at the right time on the right person. There is time and place for everything. It is very heart touching looking at the point where the prelancer said “Muhyi should forgo any thought of a future in politics” because it is unlikely to come out from Islamically oriented someone. Maybe Dokaji don’t know ” Only God knows” what the future holds, but as for Muhyi, malam bahause says: Juma’ar da za tayi kyau tun daga Laraba ake gane ta. God decides one’s future not mr. Dokaji or your hiding masters. And I shall remind you of this words when the time comes.

Another face covering blunder is his statement that “ He (Muhyi) has lost his battle while fighting Ganduje’s war”.Throughout the piece there is no clueless irrelevant point than this. Let me ask again, Is price stabilization effort during Covid-19 Lockdown a Ganduje’s fight? Is fighting petrol hoarding also a Ganduje’s fight? Are thousands of cases concluded during Muhyi’s stay at the Kano Anti-corruption commission also a Ganduje’s fight? Is investigating the governor’s associates and his families Ganduje’s fight?

Mr. Dokaji and his sponsors should open their mind and look at the things critically or get themselves off the radar of enmity; help the truth prevail in our dear state.


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