Ethnic cleansing: Raging storm In Nigeria’s teacup


By Dr Zainab Suleiman

The phrase, “Ethnic cleansing” has been defined as the attempt to get rid of people through deportation, displacement or even mass killings. Such include members of an unwanted ethnic group, in order to establish an ethnically homogenous geographic area.

It is also a widespread belief that Nigeria is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. To also refer to the country as a society that composes different cultures, languages and religions won’t be a misnomer. Thus, making Nigeria a safe haven for all.

There are no worse oppressors than those who have been oppressed themselves. For they will justify all means of self-preservation, including the persecution and oppression of others to the extent of, and worse than that they had endured. This will weigh heavily on the shoulders and souls of future generations

The new social paroxysmal behaviours of our people in the North these days that “Northerners are being killed” and the hashtags that follow suit should be dished into the bins and trash cans. Such notions and mental pictures should be nibbed in the bud. Such whimsy beliefs should be stopped. It’s nothing but cheap, regional and emotional blackmail.

The recent conflict needs a well-orchestrated revolution and systemic approach, not violence nor bloodthirstiness.

In the North here, we have been battling issues of intra-tribal conflicts with constitutional delinquencies of communal unrest about settlement for so long.

Issues of massacre and genocide amongst communities, even the same communities killing one another.

Ethnic and religious crisis remain our albatross and that’s the more reason we need to speak up.

We should hold our leaders and rulers accountable because they have failed us all. It is quite necessary to stress the fact that our leaders have really disappointed us in their service capacities.

The laws and order guiding the populace have become so lax and loose. It’s now become a trend for political office holder to flout orders and rules that govern the land without any penalty meted.

As our laws and rules are tilting towards being pennant, if a crime is committed by one group against another, ethnic or religious, it has become nearly impossible for the perpetrator(s) to be punished since our law makers and enforcers aren’t competent in discharging their duties. It’s quite sad and shameful.

It is utterly absurd seeing people of a particular religion or ethnicity engaging in imbroglio among themselves on social platforms. Rather, a healthy dialogue, discuss and debate especially with the government and leaders in different capacities are better, civil and more engaging.

Take your anger, fight and challenges to those leaders you queued and voted for while standing under the scorching sun. Doing that will also ensure good governance and human security are given deserved attention.

Restrain yourselves from destructions, preach togetherness, peace, love and unity.

The so-called leaders in Nigeria are nothing but our common enemies.

They should know that Nigeria has been so drenched in the troughs and sulcuses of corruption and the only saving grace will be decentralisation and true federalism which definitely create accommodation and a good balance among different identities in Nigeria state.

Good governance will only be possible and maintained when the country has a good institution. Without discrimination and prejudice, a grand reform for our dysfunctional political system and maintenance of our social justice through restructuring.

In unity, when anything affects one part of the country and we address it collectively as ‘A Nigerian issue’, only then can we foster unity and peace, and have our ethnic differences dropped.

As Nigerians, we need more of national integration than internal colonialism.
Banditry and other social vices shouldn’t be the belts that bond us.

The current situation is a fight for us all. It goes beyond our ethnic differences; Not about being Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba.

It’s high time we started voicing out.
United they say we stand
But divided, we fall like a pack of cards on domino.

The media as well as in the trade of misleading the people.,Stirring the beehives with their reportage and making sure the sleeping dogs don’t lie with their ill reports glutted with bitterness and errors.

For how long shall we trade blames and unforgiveness among our people??

For how long shall we continue to open up the scars of pain of the past and vengeance ??

We just have to get out of the circle of violence.
There is need to deal with more underlying, pressing issues.
Let’s focus on SOLUTIONS to our problems.

The seeds of hatred, arrogance have germinated, grown far too long among us. Some unscrupulous people as well making profits out of it. Tolerance is the key.
And justice must prevail irrespective of tribe and religious differences.

Let’s try to count on the gains we will achieve in our peaceful co-existence; A sure panacea for the existing ethnic unrest in Nigeria.

Stop discrimination and killings.

May Nigeria succeed!

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