Ismail Auwal

The laboratory forms/results that the suspended Chairman of Kano Public Complaint and Anti-corruption Commission, Muhuyi Magaji, submitted to Kano State House of Assembly adhoc committee investigating his alleged infractions for six years, have raised more questions than answers.

SAHELIAN TIMES has fact-checked the forms in line with tradition of accountability.

The laboratory form has no hospital number and no pathology (lab) number.

Due to the absence of these identifiers no one can trace these results from the records of National Hospital Abuja.

All over the world, no laboratory treats test samples without assigning it a unique number, and this finding is a strong indicator that the forms could be forged.

Again, both the request and laboratory test results were dated the same day (12/07/2021).

An average stool culture result takes no less than 48 hours before it yields any growth, and for antibiotics sensitivity test to be completed.

In this case, Muhuyi’s stool yielded Salmonella app on the same day it was sent to the laboratory.

This incredible finding is raising eyebrows in the medical circle about likelihood of faking the document.

It is also curious that the test request section and laboratory test results have similar handwriting.

This, therefore, indicates that it’s the same person that wrote them, which further strengthened the suspicion that they were doctored.



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