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Followers troll Ali Nuhu over failure to join #SecureNorth protests


 Social media followers of a leading Kannywood actor, Ali Nuhu, have taken a swipe at him for refusing to take part in the ongoing #SecureNorth protests.








The #SecureNorth campaign was inspired by #EndSARS movement, which is largely perceived to be a southern Nigeria affair.

Nuhu told the newsmen that he refused to join the procession not out of lack of concern, but because he didn’t want to be seen as crossing his boundary as a celebrity.

Some actors in the Kannywood industry have been sighted participating in the #SecureNorth protest, both online and offline, as the online campaign continues to gather traction.

Ali Jita, a popular Kannywood playback singer, took to Twitter micro blogging site blaming lawyers, activists, and media for not backing their #SecureNorth. This lackadaisical attitude toward the plight of the protesters, Jita reasoned, encourages police to subject them to intimidation and extortion.

Another prominent member of Kannywood, Mal Aminu Saira, also tweeted about how they had answered President Buhari’s call during election, therefore now calling on him to reciprocate the gesture by addressing the insecurity bedevilling the North.



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