Former Super Falcons coach, Ismaila Mabo, dies at 80


By Ismai Auwal

Ismaila Mabo, a former Super Falcons coach, passed away at the age of 80.

The younger brother of the deceased, Salisu Nakande Mamuwa, annouced his death in the early hours of Monday.

“Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaihir raji’un , i just lost my elder brother these morning, Coach Mabo Ismaila , former Chief Coach of Super Falcons of Nigeria, may Aljanna Firdausi b his final abode, Ameen thumma Ameen, “he wrote.

Ismaila was the head coach of the senior women’s national team at the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, 2000 Summer Olympics and 2004 Summer Olympics.

He led Nigeria to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the team’s best ever result.

Mabo funeral rites would hold  on Monday in Jos, Plateau State.

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