Fulani group says over 150 people killed in Shasha violence, as they demand N475bn compensation


 By Ismail Auwal

The Association of Fulani herders on Monday said that 151 people lost their lives at the Shasha Incident, and has demanded N475 billion for the loss of lives and properties destroyed.

The association, in a press conference, argued that herdsmen had a right to live and do their business in any part of the country as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution.

The herders said they have video and photo evidence of all those who were killed as well as their property which were destroyed and had forwarded same to the Presidency.

In a video conference, a spokesman for the association said, “151 people lost their lives at the Shasha incident and then during the #EndSARS protest, we also lost not less than 100 people. Yes, we have requested for N475 billion for the loss of lives and property destroyed. We also lost more than 100 trucks.

“We have the states and villages, pictures and videos. We have the property that was even damaged. We are not saying what we are saying in vain because we have all the pictures. We have detailed pictures of people who have been killed.

“This has been sent to all quarters – the Presidency, the National Assembly, the Inspector General of Police, the Office of the National Security Adviser and all. We have sent them to the United States embassy, the United Nations, the German Embassy and the British Parliament.

“There is no response from all the quarters we have made contact with. If by (February) 24, nothing has been done, action will commence. The herdsmen have a right to live and do business in any part of the country. That is what the constitution says.”

Northerners were on February 13 attacked by the Yorubas in Shasha market eng Oyo State, leading to lost of lives and destruction of properties.

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