Gawuna: A prolonged silence


By Bashir Kabir

By now everyone knows everyone that is interested in the number one seat in Kano State. A myriad of aspirants showcasing themselves as the wannabes of the governorship of the commercial state comes 2023. However, one key aspiration is missing from the picture.

Both the giant parties have each their share of controversy with cross carpeting and alliance shifts happening like what. The focus here however is on the ruling party –the APC

As the current governor exhausted his eternal double tenures the party is expected to produce a fresh face after Ganduje’s eight years expire in 2023. Aspirants freshly joining the party to contest and old-timers who held offices in the current administration have presented their aspirations in one way or the other.

However, the deputy governor maintains a low profile in the aspiration. For many speculators. Gawuna could make a good candidate for a variety of reasons that need not be discussed here. His silence, however, is not desirable to those who believe the state needs every single qualified hand in the running.

At this point, nobody can tell who might end up being nominated as the gubernatorial candidate of the ruling party among those paraded out. Heavyweights are at the display clout, influence, and the almighty money in seeking the ‘approval’ for the candidature. some with impressive portfolios while others are just attention-seeking bunch.

it is understood that The intricacies of the nomination can reach beyond Kano or the governor himself but for the common folks, nomination shouldn’t go beyond capacity and capability.

It suffices to say the state is not short of aspirants each with something to lean on as the supporting factor to pass to the final stage of contesting under the party’s umbrella. 

Going back down to how he came into the office in the event of his predecessor’s quitting the second seat and how he had been in the seat this long with no major scandal tied to his neck, one would think Gawuna would have an advantage with the aspiration. Needless to say, the political formulations circumcising the reason for what happens or not in the sphere of the final knighting are beyond just one being the deputy governor at the time of nomination.

Gawuna’s lack of overt interest recently shouldn’t have attracted much attention under different circumstances. Circumstances surrounding issues of the party producing a candidate with some level of leadership skills and who actually displayed them. Someone with the capacity to consolidate a party ravaged by conflict of interests.

Gawuna is regarded by many as an elder putting into consideration his character, temperance, and cool-headedness. His experience in the public service, like his boss, can add value to his qualifying to be nominated. He is seen as someone who can make reconciliations prevail and whose style of leadership can slow down the rapidity of irresponsibility within the party and perhaps manifest those qualities in a good leader of the state as a governor. popular opinion continues to point at him as one of the most qualified for the nomination. 

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