Girlfriend ends her 4-year old relationship with boyfriend who joins Stingy Men Association of Nigeria in Kano



By Ismail Auwal

A couple who have been dating for at least 4 years in Kano ended their relationship just a few hours after the boyfriend announced on Facebook that he joined the latest internet sensation called the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN).

The boyfriend named Muzamil, who announced his membership in the early hours of Friday, was immediately blocked by his heartthrob on Facebook.

Muzammil told Sahelian Times in an exclusive interview that, it all started as a joke when she called him and complaint that it’s wrong for him to join SMAN.

The girlfriend who doesn’t want to be named confirmed to Sahelian Times that she can’t continue to be in a relationship with someone that joined an association whose philosophy contradicts the religion of Islam.

“Stinginess is completely discouraged in Islam. The prophet of Islam has said he who is stingy will not enter the paradise,” she said while justifying her stand on ending the 4-year old relationship.

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