Glimpse at the Facebook profile of a “Kidnapper”


By Ismail Auwal

A video of one S. A Galadima, who was arrested for allegedly kidnapping a son of his neighbor and afterward killing him, went viral on social media platforms.

In the video, Galadima confessed being involved in killing and abducting the six-year-old boy victim.
A look at Galadima’s profile on Facebook by SAHELIAN TIMES showed pictures of him wearing Nigerian Army uniform, but our reporter couldn’t confirm whether he was once commissioned into the Nigerian Army.

In other posts, he was seen castigating and condemning the act of kidnapping and in others praising police and military for apprehending the perpetrators of the act.

The Facebook wall of Galadima was also dominated by the campaigns and pictures of APC based Kaduna State politicians.

A look at his pictures on his account also showed how he regularly post pictures of children, mostly praying for their success in life and seeking for them the protection of Allah.

SAHELIAN TIMES reliably gathered that Galadima was among the first few people that call the father of the victim to sympathize with him when his child was abducted.

At the time of writing this report, his over 4900 Facebook friends are continuing to pour torrents of comments and reactions on his wall.

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