By Adamu Usman Garko

Khadijah Lawal Kwargana is a writer and an advocate for quality education. She studied English Language at Gombe State University, and also volunteers with Halima Factor Community Initiative. She loves reading, writing and travelling.

In this interview, she talked with Adamu Usman Garko, the author of When Day Breaks and winner of the 2020 Nigeria Prize For Teen Authors about her upcoming book

1. Congratulations on your poetry book. Who is Khadija Kwargana?

Khadijah Lawal Kwargana was born on 2nd October, she had her primary and secondary school at Gombe international school before proceeding to Gombe State University where she studied English Language. She loves reading, writing and travelling. She also volunteers with HalimaFactor Community Initiative.

2. How would you describe your book, what are the central themes?
The book Death of Silence contains more than fifty poems with various themes ranging from Love, betrayal, hope, rape, peace, covid and silence.

The book I can say is a must read for poetry lovers only then will people realise its worth.

3. Why did you write it, what are the objectives you hope your book will achieve?
I write the book for those who view poetry as hard to have a taste of words weave in a stylish and educative manner. I also want it to be a call for people to speak up. To kill and bury silence in our society.

4. Gombe seems to be on fire with torrents of talents emerging, how satisfied are you with the current literary trend in the state?
That is one of the things that impress me more about Gombe. The enthusiastic nature of our youths especially their love for literature and the mentor-mentee relationship. This is really something worth appreciating.

5. Gombe Jewel Writers Association has been doing a lot to nurture creativity in the state, there is Halima Factor Community Initiative and Creative Writers Club Gombe State University, too. Tell us about them and how it feels to be part of a community of change-makers who are passionate about writing?

I am short of words because I am part of all these. I was there since the inception of Jewel Writers and was opportune to be its first Vice President, I saw how the society grew and how much it influences its members in the biweekly reading sessions.

For HalimaFactor Community Initiative (HFCI), I can proudly say this is my second home. Where we are able to touch the lives of people positively. In HFCI I learn how to be selfless and how the people’s concern is also my concern. I learn the art of leadership as the CEO and so many other positive things that mentioning will take much of our time.

Creative Writers Club Gombe State University is also another part of my heart that I have been part of since its inception also. Though I wasn’t able to serve them due to my tight schedules and the fact that I was not in the University when it emerged but I am still part of the club and attend its reading sessions. I help whereever I can.

To be part of these communities is a dream come true where I am able to inspire and be inspired and to also contribute my own qouta to human development through literature.

6.Most writers have challenge of funds to publish, how were you able to publish your book?

Yes I do faced that challenge but all thanks to the HalimaFactor Community initiative that support the publication of the book.

7. What advise can you give to other upcoming writers who want to become published authors?
To the upcoming writers getting publish is not the end but writing what is worth publishing and impacting to the society. Don’t be in a hurry to get published, write qualitative works and publishing with be worth it.

8.When did you write your first story or poem?

I wrote my first poem in 2011 when I was in SS 2.

9. As it is being said, every established writer has his unique story. Tell us yours. How did you get in to reading and writing?
Mine isnt a unique story. I love reading since when I was a child. I read all those small books of rhymes and stories ranging from The Ugly Duckling, Sugar girl and the likes of them. Because I read almost everything I came across, writing comes to me naturally.

10. How will you describe the feeling you get when people appreciate your work?
I love the feeling I got when people relate with my work. It shows the communicative aspect of arts and how related humans are. I love it when people appreciate my works so much.

11. Your book is set to be launched on 25th February 2021. Tell us about the event and what the public should expect on that day?

The event will be on the 25th of February 2021 by 10:00am at the New Multipurpose hall of Gombe State University. It is going to an exciting and exhilarating event. The public can’t afford to miss let them join me and make history.


  1. Praise be to Allah. I am excited to see this DAY. I wish you more success ahead. This is just the beginning. More of your works are on the way by the grace of Allah. Bravo!!!


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