By Ismail Auwal

The father of the murdered 5-year-old girl has said that Haneefa is his only daughter and has shared his last memory with his late daughter.

In an interview with BBC Hausa service, the deceased’s father, Mallam Abdullahi, stated that on the fateful day, he overheard Haneefa and her mother reciting Azkar.

“I heard her mother asked her if she had recited her Azkar before going out, to which she replied that she had. And she continued to recite until the mother said it was okay.”

“I heard Haneefa asked her mother to buy her milk, candies, and sweets that she would give out as alms when she got back home from school,” he explained.

Abdullahi stated that he and her mother had been unable to sleep for nearly 48 days.

“I had to take her mother to the hospital where she was put on medication, and I couldn’t eat or sleep for the duration of the period.”

He stated that when the Department of Security Service (DSS) called him after apprehending the suspect, he hoped to see his missing daughter soon.

“The director consoled me by saying that Haneefa’s remains had been recovered from where she had been buried for over 20 days.”


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