Haneefa’s killer teacher planned to buy new plot of land for school expansion- Close friend


By Ismail Auwal

The kidnapper and killer of Haneefa Abubakar, a 5-year-old Kano girl, planned to rent a new plot of land, his close friend disclosed.

Abdulmalik Muhammad Tanko, the school proprietor of Noble Kids Academy, murdered Haneefa and yet demanded for 6 million ransom.

Mai Daraja Rabiu Dakata, a close friend of Tanko, revealed that the killer had planned to get a new plot of land in the Rangaza Community of Nassarawa Local Government, Kano, as part of his school expansion project.

Dakata wrote on Facebook that he met Tanko two weeks before he was arrested for the heinous murder of his innocent 5-year-old student.

“We met two weeks ago when he was passing through Dakata. We talked, and he asked me to get a land for him because he planned to open a new branch of his school.”

Dakata said unknownn to him Tanko had already killed Haneefa at the time.

Tanko previously told journalists that the ransom he demanded would be used to settle debts owed to his landlord and school teachers.

However, Tanko poisoned and buried Haneefa when he was preparing to open a new school in the area.

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