Hisbah arrest herbalist suspected of impregnating female client


By Ismail Auwal

The officials of Hisbah in Dawakin Kudu  Local Government Area of Kano State have arrested a herbalist for allegedly impregnating a woman who went to him for medication.

The victim reported him to the Hisbah office, seeking justice for a seven-month-old pregnancy she claimed belonged to Muhammad Mansur, a herbalist who lives in Kode town.

It was gathered that the man is known for deceiving women, including married ones, telling them when he sleeps with them, and give them charms, it will prevent their husbands from adding wives and they will have control over them.

She told the Hisbah officials that she went to seek medication from the herbalist but Mansur said it wouldn’t work until he sleeps with her.

According to her, the man had been trying to sleep with her since she first came with her mother to seek medication, but he didn’t succeed until she went there alone.

“One day I went there alone and he said he must sleep with me before he will assist with the medication I needed. In fact, he said it wouldn’t work if we didn’t do so. That is what happened.

“I want the Hisbah to help me. I have a seven-month pregnancy, and he is trying to reject it,” she added.

On his part, the herbalist, Muhammad Mansur, said what she said was true, adding that it was the work of the devil.

The Dawankin Kudu Hisbah Commandant, Ustaz Kabiru Musa Dawakiji, said their head office will handle the matter.

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