How Akpa who ruined the lives of thousands keeps evading justice


By Emmanuel Ola

Stephen Akpha, the owner of Zeo New Dawn Nigeria Limited, has been evading justice for years for offences related to conspiracy and extortion of victims, investigation revealed.

Sources have alleged that he used his company to  extort money from Nigerians, yet the police have been unable to charged him court.

The story of Stephen Akpha began when multiple victims of his extortion schemes reported their cases to the police.

The victims claimed that Akpha had promised them large sums of money in return for investments in his company. However, when they paid him, they received nothing in return.

Despite the police’s best efforts Akpha, he has managed to elude them. He has been able to remain one step ahead of the law, and it appears that he has been using his company’s resources to do so.

Adding to the story, it is alleged that Akpha has many times boasted about his influence over the police force.

He has reportedly claimed that he has the IGP and the entire police force in his pocket.

The DSS has tried to investigate him but was forced to stop due to his influence. This has only added to Akpha’s reputation as an untouchable criminal, and it has made it even more difficult for the police to apprehend him. However, they are still determined to bring him to justice and put an end to his extortion schemes.

According to DSS sources familiar with the case, Akpan was allegedly found with assault ripple and was invited to their Abuja command for investigation.

“Some forces beyond my colleagues’ control, however, halted the investigation.”

He also stated that Akpan frequently beats up police officers and locked some in his office sometimes in September that they had to call for back up before they broke the door to be free and was released the next day . He collects money from others with the intent of selling land to them, and never delivers but because he knows so many people, no one can do anything to him.

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