By Abba Gwale

Reports coming from Kebbi State confirms that a final year student of Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, Sharifuddeen Sale Kanya, was lynched to death by an angry mob after he was accused of fraud.

The incident happened when the deceased went to buy a phone but was out of cash and asked the seller whether he could ransfer the money to his account and they both agreed on that condition.

A student narrated to SAHELIAN TIMES how the victim lost his life two papers away to graduate from the University.

“He went to out to buy a phone and he told the phone seller that he can only transfer the money to his account because he was cashless and they both agreed on that,” he said.

He added that “after the deal was done and he transferred the money but due to network problem the alert did not deliver so they exchanged phone numbers in incase if there is any error after the transaction.

Some hours later, the phone seller called the student to tell him that he didn’t receive the alert and the student said he should wait for sometime. The money returned to the student’s account again due to the network failure.

After the failed transaction, the student returned the shop to complain to him, only to found out that the seller told people that he is a thief, which led to people shouting at him and then they started beating him which eventually caused him his life.

The students of the school protested over the incident and as the time of writing this report, the university management announced the closure of the school until further notice evenve though the students are writing their exams period.


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