How NGO uncovers 10 year old pupil raped by her father’s friend


-By Ismail Auwal

Fatima a 10-year-old primary 3 school pupil was allegedly raped by her father’s friend, Hakilu, In Chikaji area of Sabon Gari, Zaria.

The suspect allegedly invited Fatima, to his brother’s residence,  and forced her to play with his manhood until he reached orgasm.

He, however, said he did not penetrate the girl our of the fear of injuring her.

Fatimah fell victim of Hakilu’s trick when she was sent on an errand by her mother.

According to her mother, Hafsat Abdulazeez, the suspected rapist who stays with his brother, is a friend to the victim’s father.

The victim was first apprehended by the police in Zaria before the case was later transferred to the state  Criminal Investigation Department, CID in Kaduna.

“Hakilu has been released from police custody after the case was transferred to the state CID  in Kaduna,” the mother said.

“My husband doesn’t have the financial ability to be following the case, to and fro Kaduna,” she lamented.

Maryam Abdulmalik the president of Advanced Foundation for Girls and Youth Concerns (AFGYC), which uncovered the case involving a 10-year-old primary 3 school pupil in Chikaji, Kaduna state told Sahelian Times that the NGO is helping the family to speak up against it.

“We also hope that the girl can get all the help that she needs to overcome the trauma of the experience.

“We do not want her education to be truncated. We have also done a follow-up visit to check on her welfare, “ he said.

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