By Ismail Auwal

A Kano Sharia Court presided over by Justice Ibrahim Sarki Yola has over ruled Sheik Abduljabar and admitted fresh charges filed by Kano State Government Counsels.

The inclusion of fresh charges was earlier objected by Abduljabbar’s counsels, however, the judge overruled their objections and ordered Abduljabbar to respond to the new charges.

According to the charges submitted by the state’s counsel, Abduljabar has on 10th August 2019 lied against the personality of the Prophet, which was against section 35 of Administration of Criminal Justice Law (ACJL).

That Sheik Abdulabar has on 10th August 2019 also defamed the Prophet Muhammad in his preaching circle of Jauful fara.

The State Government also alleged that on the 25th of October, in his 99th preaching circle of Jauful Fara defamed the prophet and associated the defamation with hadith in Bukhari, and claimed that the defamation is contained in Hadith 5120.

Sheik Abduljabar refused to respond to any of the charges presented by the counsels of the state based on instructions from his lawyers.

Barrister Surajo Said SAN, who represents Kano state government, then sought the court permission to order for full psychiatric and ear evaluations for the accused, since he has refused to answer the charges- to plead guilty or not guilty.

The presiding Judge, Justice Ibrahim Sarki Yola, ruled that according to Fatahul Alimul Allam page 223, when the defendant refuses to respond to charges against him, the court will assume that he is not guilty unless witnesses are presented.

The counsel to Kano State Government, Barr Sa’ida (SAN) demanded the court to examine the mental health of Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara, under section 278 (8) in ACJL.

The court finally ruled that the accused should be evaluated according to the request of government’s counsel. The case has been adjourned for two weeks.


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