By Salim Yunusa

A human rights activist, Lawal Mohammed Gusau, has written to the police about unprofessional conduct of an officer, simply identified as Inspector Friday in the Kano Police Command, Bompai.


Gusau alleged that Inspector Friday has extorted up to one million Naira from innocent citizens and has been threatening Nasiru Salisu Zango of Freedom Radio and a senior reporter with DW, Germany.


The letter, sighted by Sahelian Times, reads: It is with the deepest sense of respect and honour that I write to lodge my complaint to your most exalted office against one Inspector Friday attached to Kano State Police Command in Bompai, (Anti Vice Unit), Kano State for his unprofessional conduct in discharging his assignment as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).


I wish to categorically state that the above mentioned police officer, now serving at Bompai (Anti-Vice Unit), Kano State Police Command has been threatening innocent citizens who are law-abiding in many forms of human degradation ranging from seizure of the their heard-earned property to extorting their hard earned money, in his quest to quickly enrich himself to the detriment of the society, which contravenes Section 33 (Mode of Arrest) of the Nigeria Police Act, 2020 as it states as follows: “In making an arrest, the police officer or other persons making the arrest shall actually or confine the body of the suspect, unless there is a submission to the custody by word or action”.


Sir, in a telephone conversion the said Inspr. Friday heard with one of the journalists attached to Freedom Radio, Kano State in person of Nasiru Salisu Zango (also a senior reporter with DW, Germany), the said reporter was seriously threatened by the said Inspector Friday on several occasions as a result of the threats perpetuated by the said Inspector spread on the Freedom media, following their protests to Freedom Radio. It is on record that a relation of a civil defence officer was also involved in this saga and he (the said Inspector) collected huge ransom before his release was granted. Also, another law abiding citizen was parted with the sum of N400,000.00,still about three (3) people were made to part with the sum of N200,000.00 each in this act perpetual by the said Inspector, and lastly, about two (2) were made to part with the sum of N130,000.00 each. To crown it all, the sum of N1,000,000.00 was corruptly

collected by the said inspector whose where-about is at the moment unknown.


All these people are ever-ready to testify in their quest to give this matter heavyweight.


Sir, the acts perpetuated by this Inspector are now trending on the social media of intimidating innocent people by way of collecting huge ransom without any just

course, hence this urgent application.


In addition, his actions have led to the withdrawal of the two (2) Police officers usually sent to Freedom Radio, Sharada, Kano State, which is least to be thought of, following the ugly development occasioned by the unlawful acts perpetuated by the said Inspector.


Sir, if this matter in not urgently addressed, it could lead to a state of disharmony in the Kano State and could possibly spread to other States, which we do not want to occur, considering the present economic hardship we are currently witnessing.


Sir, honour should be given to whom it is due, most especially as the forth coming elections are around the corner and the active participation of the Nigeria

Police is much expected with a view to having a hitch-free elections come 2023.


I hope my letter would be given immediate consideration please.”


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