I am not what I portray on TV – Wizzy, Daɗin Kowa star


By Salim Yunusa

Sahelian Times recently had a chat with Khalid Ibrahim, who portrayed the character Wizzy in Daɗin Kowa. The young, charismatic actor exclusively shared with us what it meant being in front of the cameras and his future plans.

ST: Can you briefly tell us about yourself and your education?

Khalid: My name is Khalid Ibrahim aka Wizzy. I was born and raised in Kano State, Nigeria. I attended my primary and secondary schools in Kano. I studied Computer Science and Technology at the prestigious Bayero university kano.

ST: How did you come about acting?

Khalid: During my school days, I used to take part in plays and stage dramas, as a result, I developed a passion for acting and luckily with the help of God he transitioned me into what I am now.

ST: You played one of the most interesting characters in the widely watched Daɗin Kowa. Were there any challenges playing that?

Khalid: Of course, there were challenges. back then in school, it was just a small stage with small crowds but here, there were cameras all over, lighting and all, so you could imagine the change. Also, the juggling between my career in acting and my education was another challenge.

Moreover, the perception of people about the negative character you play on-screen is what people think you are in reality and that is not always the case.

ST: What are your thoughts on Kannywood?

Khalid: Well that’s an interesting question. It is a vast industry with unlimited opportunities and potentials that are yet to be tapped.

ST: Do you think filmmaking and films help in educating and enlightening the youth?

Khalid: Kwarai da gaske… I do.

ST: You portrayed a tailor in your character. Are you a real tailor? What will you tell the youths regarding skills acquisition like tailoring?

I’m not. It’s just acting, but tailoring is a good skill which will never end because we wear cloth every blessed day. So, the youth should go for tailoring and make a brand for themselves.

ST: What are your future plans on acting?

Khalid: I want to advance my career in acting and filmmaking and to become a positive role model for the younger generation in society.

ST: You were recently trained by Equal Access International as a mediator and peacebuilder. Can you tell us about it?

Khalid: Yes, it was a 5-day tech camp on inclusive governance, peace, and security.

ST: Based on the training, how can you channel that into a positive impact in your community.

Khalid: Social media is a strong medium for communication. As a social media influencer, I will use that opportunity in producing short skits videos, or documentary films to enlighten and educate people.

ST: Do you see yourself venturing into politics in the nearest future?

Khalid:(laughs) well that’s a question only time can answer

ST: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Khalid: Playing the champions league finals with Real Madrid (laughs) Well, to be honest, I see myself becoming successful in influencing my community positively.

ST: Is there any movie or series you’re currently working on?

Khalid: I’m currently working on a couple at the moment. They include: Legacy the series which is airing on Amah TV; Oga Mato, also a series and Taurarin Loko (street superstars)

ST: What advice would you give to youths wanting to venture into Kannywood?

Khalid: As I said earlier, Kannywood is a vast industry with unlimited opportunities. So, youth can venture into Kannywood. The industry is not all about acting movies but you can also be a crew member, a cameraman, a lightning man, sound engineer, make-up artist, editor, and so on. So, young men like me can go into Kannywood without any doubt.

ST: Many people associate Kannywood with waywardness. What can you say about that?

Khalid: We’re not 100% perfect, we are humans and tend to make mistakes. But since my debut in Kannywood, I’ve never encountered any waywardness and have never mingled with wayward actors. All I know is that there is a high level of professionalism when it comes to the work.

ST: When do you intend to settle down and marry?

Khalid: (laughs) Only God knows!

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