By Sahelian Times

Embattled Kano scholar, Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara has claimed that he can’t afford to buy Islamic books he will need to question witnesses.


He said this at the presentation of witnesses which continued as Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara’s case resumed today at Kofar Kudu under the lordship of Ibrahim Sarki Yola.


Mamman Lawan Yusufari, the defendant’s lawyer, pleaded with the court to grant Sheikh Abduljabbar’s request of questioning witnesses which the judge previously rejected. The court granted the embattled Sheikh his request.



While Sheikh Abduljabbar was questioning a witness using a book, Mamman Lawan Yusufari SAN objected Abduljabbar’s choice of book, saying that the court should know the book he is using. Abduljabbar responded, saying it is Matan and its commentary.


This led to the government’s lawyer to plead with the court to allow him have Buhari, Muslim and Matan books without the commentary, which the court agreed to.


Abduljabbar also requested same books from the court to use which it rejected, unless he buys his own. Abduljabbar argued that he doesn’t have the money to buy the books because he has been remanded in jail and has no source of income.


At this juncture, the Kano State government’s lawyers offered to buy the books for the Sheikh, which he thanked them for. He will be given the money before Monday, 15th November.


The court was adjourned to 25/11/2021.


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