Islamiyya student pens open letter to Ganduje on bad roads threatening education


By Ismail Auwal

Road conditions within and outside Kano metropolis are posing danger to learning at schools.

As the rains become established a good number of bad roads have made commuting to and from schools a source of worry to students.

Students find it very difficult to get taxis on routes where the roads have become bad.

An Islamiyya student in Dabai Community, Dala Local Government, cried for help as the road that links their neighborhood to their school is so bad that they spend a long time before getting a taxi that will take them to school.

The SS1 student, who was given an assignment by their class teacher to write an essay on what disturbs them more as students, devoted the essay to this lingering problem.

In the essay shared by her teacher on Facebook timeline and translated from Arabic language to English by SAHELIAN TIMES, the student noted that they always get to school late due the dilapidated roads on their route.

She wrote that, “in this school every student is expected to be in school by 7:30am.”

“We leave our house, together with my sister, at 7am to wait on the road for a taxi but we hardly get one before 8am.”

“On the road, we face a lot of problems because the road is so bad it has turned muddy.

“By 4pm the road becomes covered by a mixture of mud, trash and all sort of filth,” she added.

According to the essay shared by her teacher, she said that going back home from the school is more difficult than leaving in the morning.

“School closes at 1pm. We all come out and stay on the road under intense heat from the sun. We meet a lot of students from other schools too waiting for taxis, like us.”

“Taxis ply the road but they don’t go towards our neighborhood because of the bad nature of the road. For that reason, wallahi, we don’t get home till 3pm. We return so tired and hungry.

“We suffer all these due to the lack of concern and help for us from the government.” She said

The Madarasatu Khalifah Sheikh Ishaq Rabiu student appealed to the government to come to their rescue as it is having negative impact on their education.

The essay has drawn sympathy from readers on social media. Kano is battling with dilapidated roads which have to turn a nightmare for commuters during rainy season.

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