Just in: After nurses’ protest, Sheikh Gadonkaya withdraws libelous allegation


By Ismail Auwal

Controversial Kano-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh h Abdallah Gadon Kaya, has withdrawn his statement linking nurses to immorality, including adultery and sexual harassment.

SAHELAIN TIMES reported how the controversial cleric accused nurses of engaging in “fornication” in a program aired on Africa TV.

In an interview with our reporter, however, the Sheikh made a U-turn and retracted his earlier libelous statement.

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling, and people should learn to have good intentions,” the cleric said.

Gadon Kaya also stated that he didn’t know the state where the 50-year-old nurse, whose story he narrated,
in the program, lived.

“I’m not sure which state the lady is from. It was someone who called and asked me questions,” he explained.

“We have met with the nurses’ association, and they cleared all of my doubts,” he added.

The Sheikh also stated that he has a wife who is a registered nurse and that his daughter has recently been admitted to study medicine.

He promised to publicly disclose what he has learned after their meeting with the nurses’ association at the end of the interview.

The Sheikh further blamed people’s reactions on misunderstanding the message he was trying to pass across.

Shekh Gadonkaya is no stranger to controversy. Recently he made a libelous statement against the Chief Imam of National Mosque, Sheikh Makari, which had to be resolved by the intervention of powerful people in Nigeria.

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