Former Barcelona star petitions against Sharia court judge over forced hair shaving, humiliation


By Ismail Auwal

A Sharia court judge sitting in Kaduna in trouble for giving “order” that warrant the shaving the head of a former player of FC Barcelona, Haruna Babangida.

According to a report published by Daily Trust newspaper, Babangida has written a letter of complaint to the Grand Khadi, Sharia Court of Appeal, Kaduna demanding for justice and accused the judge identified as Nuhu Falalu of defamation of character and assault.

The former Nigerian player, who said he felt embarrassed, disgraced and humiliated over the judge’s actions, is asking the Grand Khadi to grant him damages and penalise the judge.

In the petition, Babangida writes, “My name is HARUNA BABANGIDA of the above stated address and I am a professional footballer in Europe, precisely Spain where I have lived and in my carrier as a footballer, I have equally built a reputation as a good footballer and a citizen of the said country i.e. Spain.

“Whereof, my complaint is predicated on the fact that on 14th January, 2021 when I was before the Sharia Court, Magajin Gari, Kaduna, the judge whose name is Nuhu Falalu before whom I appeared, insulted me as an irresponsible person because I have my hair style grown up which he described me as a rascal for leaving the kind of my hair style and also called me useless Christian,” he added.

“Sir, I only reported a case of fraud i.e., 419 before the Court, but the said judge ordered and I was detained in a cell and not only that, my hair was cut off in front of everyone in the court room and equally assaulted simply because I only appeared in my professional training outfit as a professional footballer before the court.

“Thus, the said act of Judge Nuhu Falalu of Sharia Court, Magajin Gari, Kaduna has greatly damaged my personal character when he called me names as useless/rascal and stupid in public, and I know that have spent my life and talent responsibly.

“More so, I felt so embarrassed, disgraced, degraded and humiliated. I therefore seek your kind intervention to do justice and grant me damages for the wrong done to me and the judge be penalized.

“Thank you in anticipation that you will do justice to my complaint.”

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