Kannywood: Ali Nuhu sues female producer over character assassination


By Ismail Auwal

In a surprising turn of events in the Kannywood industry, Ali Nuhu sued a female producer for defamation.

Nuhu was reportedly provoked after a producer named Hannatu Bashir accused him of failing to appear at a film shooting location she was financing.

Irked by the actor’s failure, she sent him a series of text messages lamenting how he squandered her time and resources by failing to appear.

She decried how she had to keep postponing the filming because he was not in town, but he still refused to appear.

“You promised to show up for the shooting on October 10, and we set the date because of you, but you still let us down.”

She also promised not to do business with him again in the text message.

According to the text message exchanges, the actor claimed that the text was disrespectful and vowed to seek legal redress.

Nuhu denied signing any agreement with the producer who owns Hanan Synergy Concept Limited, according to a court document prepared by the actor’s lawyer, Salima Muhammad Sabo.

The first hearing has been set for October 18 by the court.

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